Conference Interpreter

In my work as a freelance conference interpreter I can draw on a wealth of experience gained in the UK (education and early career) followed by thirty years living and working in France.

The tools of my trade are English, the language that chose me, and French, the language I chose.

I cherish and use them equally to foster seamless, clear and precise communication between French- and English-speaking participants at events both big and small.

Whilst the majority of my assignments take place at a conference venue or on a client site, I also have substantial experience in RSI (remote simultaneous interpretation), providing video-interpretation for a variety of clients on a range of video-conference platforms.

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Translation Service

More than a question of dictionaries, glossaries and spellchecks, translation is anchored in culture.

I enjoy the privilege of living two cultures to the full, which empowers me as a professional freelance translator.

I now have thirty years' experience providing French & English translation services, weaving a seamless web between English (my mother tongue) and French (my adopted language). 
Varied projectsMultiple formatsEnglish / French

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